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Counseling Services

GA心理咨询部有4名专职心理咨询师和1名兼职心理咨询师, Middle, and Upper School students, faculty, staff, and parents.

致力于弹性技能的发展以及社会和情感的成长, the GA counseling department focuses on psycho-education, consultation, prevention, intervention, treatment, and referrals. 为包括关系困难在内的各种各样的问题提供援助, emotional conflicts, friendship and family concerns, time management, conflict resolution, and stress and anxiety reduction. All counseling contacts are confidential. 只有在个人对自己或他人构成危险或有伤害风险的不太可能的情况下,私人信息才会被明智地共享, and then only in the interest of protection and safety. Parents are always consulted in crisis situations.

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The information included in this site is for educational purposes only. This site does not provide psychological diagnosis, treatment, or advice, 也不应被用作个人与精神卫生提供者之间直接接触的替代品. 个人作者的观点和网站链接不一定代表日耳曼学院的观点,但为寻求心理问题信息的人士提供服务.

Dr. Andrea Kurtz
Director of Counseling Services
Germantown Academy
340 Morris Road
Fort Washington, PA 19043

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